2023 Results

Since Twitter has begun sliding into the sea and can’t be relied on to exist in the future.

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🏆 Overall champion: @EloPredicts (156 tips)

Runner-up: @thecruncherau (154 tips)

🏆 Bits champion: @AflGlicko (35.76 bits)

Runner-up: @MatterOfStats (33.24)

🏆 MAE champion: @AflGlicko (24.91)

Runner-up: @MatterOfStats (25.09)

The s10 index for 2024, i.e. this year’s top 10 performing models by MAE:

@AflGlicko and @GRAFTRatings re-enter the index, @MatterOfStats & the Squiggle in-house model make it 7 in a row, and @AflLadder misses for the first time since joining in 2018.