Introducing s10

There’s a new entry on tip pages named s10. This isn’t a model; instead, it’s the average of tips by the 10 top-performing models of the previous year, as measured by MAE.

The idea here is that in the future, we can allow more models to join the Squiggle platform without worrying so much about whether they’ll turn out to be any good. Because although they might affect the performance of Aggregate, they can’t throw out s10.

Aggregate is the average of all models, including Punters.

s10 is the average of the 10 models with the lowest season MAE the year before.

Note that if a model qualifies for s10 but does not participate, it is omitted and not replaced.

Years10 Models (in alphabetical order)
2018The Arc, FMI, GRAFT Ratings, Matter of Stats, plusSixOne, Squiggle
2019The Arc, FMI, GRAFT Ratings, Live Ladders, Massey Ratings, Matter of Stats, plusSixOne, Squiggle, Stattraction, Swinburne
2020Aflalytics, AFL Lab, The Arc, GRAFT Ratings, Live Ladders, Matter of Stats, plusSixOne, Squiggle, Swinburne