Ladders of Future Past

You can now use the ladder predictor on seasons as far back as 2000. Relatedly, the Squiggle API now serves fixture info on games dating back to 2000, and you can also use it to get a list of which teams were playing in any of those years.

You might be wondering why you’d ever want to predict past ladders. To be honest, I’m not sure. I just know that people write in sometimes asking if the site can let them do that.

This particular addition was triggered by Jake, who emailed me to say he’d been in iso for a month, and he kept busy by re-entering past seasons into the predictor one game at a time to see how the ladder changed. Jake had done this for 2011-2022, but wanted to go back further.

So now you can. I am all about football as a mental escape from reality, Jake. That’s the best possible use of football.