Ladder Predictor 2024 is Online

Every year, the AFL unexpectedly releases the fixture on the first day of my holidays. Then thirty seconds later people start messaging to ask when I’m updating the site.

This year, I was in line to board my plane at Melbourne Airport. I’m about to attempt to run a half-marathon up Mt. Wellington in Hobart, by the way, so if I don’t make it back, that’s what happened.

Anyway, Squiggle is now updated for 2024, except for all the things that immediately broke because of Round 0. It will take a while until I get home and take a look at why the in-house model apparently thinks Fremantle are red-hot for next year, and whether that’s legit. I don’t think it’s super urgent because although this model has an outstanding track record, that’s based on final preseason predictions, made once we have info on off-season injuries as well as practice matches, which can change the numbers a lot.

But we have 2024 games up the top, we’re collecting 2024 tips & predictions from models, and you can use the ladder predictor, so, you know, priorities.

2024 Squiggle Ladder Predictor